About 360° Consulting

Our purpose is to transform leaders and organizations to develop and grow themselves, their people, and their community to create a better world for everyone. Established in 2019 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. An area that is known for innovation and state-of-the-art companies.

Our mission at 360° Consulting is to empower organizations and their leaders to find meaning and purpose and create value through individual and collective growth.

We achieve this by providing customized development programs that cultivate a leadership mindset, align goals with values and vision, and develop leaders’ and teams’ skills, talents, and potential. We are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and accountability and delivering results that exceed our client’s expectations.

Why 360° Consulting?

Talent & Leadership Development:

  • Increases your employee engagement
  • Improves your profits
  • Accelerates change and innovation

Companies that rate highly for their investments in human capital deliver stock market returns 5 times higher than those of companies with less emphasis on human capital.  As McBassi writes: “Superior human capital management is an extremely powerful predictor of an organization’s ability to outperform its competition.”

Leadership development boosts employee engagement, increases the organization’s ability to deal with gaps in the talent pipeline, and reduces the headaches and costs associated with turnover. “Great leaders attract, hire, and inspire great people,” the Bersin report says. “A mediocre manager will never attract or retain high-performing employees.”

Organizations need a leadership strategy that closely connects with the business strategy and equips employees with the leadership skills needed to implement it. Leadership development allows organizations to shape the culture and strategy of business.

Leadership development increases people’s agility and ability to respond rapidly in unpredictable business environments.

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