Talent Assessments

Naturally, we only want the most qualified individuals to work for our business. This is where talent assessments come in. It is used to identify the most qualified candidate for the job. Here are some of the assessments we provide at 360° Consulting.

360° Assessments

Also known as multi-source feedback or multi-rater feedback, a 360° assessment is a process where feedback from multiple sources is gathered. These sources include the employee’s colleagues, subordinates, supervisor, and even a self-evaluation from the employee themselves.

We offer to provide these assessments to help business owners with the hiring process of their businesses. Our team is experienced enough to know what to look for and who to ask about the backgrounds of potential candidates. At 360° Consulting, 360° assessments are one of our specialties.

Behavioral & Personality Assessments

A candidate’s behavior and personality can greatly affect what kind of impact they’re going to make on the company. We offer certified behavioral & personality assessments that have scientific backing.

Our team has all the tools needed to conduct proper behavior & personality assessments effectively. These assessments will help you gain more insights into the candidate’s preferences and work styles. These will significantly improve the quality of individuals you end up hiring However, it is important to note that these assessments shouldn’t be taken as a complete picture of the candidate, only additional insights.

Job-fit Assessment

Another type of assessment we provide is a Job-fit assessment. This is also a personality test but it differs in design from other personality tests. It is specifically designed to measure things such as motivation, engagement, cognitive skills, and interpersonal skills.

These factors are measured to help determine how successful and how long a candidate will last on a specific job. Research has found that using the Job-fit assessment has increased successful hire percentages from 40-45% to an impressive 90-95% in a lot of cases.

If you need to, we can provide this type of assessment to help with your business’ hiring process.