We offer a variety of training programs to help organizations develop their employees’ skills and improve their performance. Our training programs are tailored to the needs of each organization and can be delivered in-person or online.


Leadership training is a crucial part of any and every management role in the business. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large team of employees, leadership training will assist in making you the best leader you can be.

Our leadership training program is specialized in helping participants effectively learn valuable leadership skills and techniques. These include motivation methods, proper staff coaching, and assertive communication, among many others.

Not only will our leadership training programs help you and your employees learn new leadership techniques, but veterans in the management role will also brush up and refine their old skills. Our team and programs will guide you in identifying what your core leadership practice is and the main mission of your organization.

We will help you identify which leadership style fits you and your organization the best. Whether you are a delegative leader, an autocratic leader, or a participative leader; we’ll guide you in discovering which one you are and build on top of that. Each of these leadership styles has its own advantages and disadvantages, you will learn more about them in our leadership training program.


Plenty of organizations, big or small, are integrating sustainability in their business strategies. We aim to help organizations who aren’t sure how to do this by offering effective business sustainability training programs. What exactly is “sustainability” when it comes to business?

In short, sustainability pretty much refers to the longevity of the business and how it affects its surrounding environment and society overall. The goal of our sustainability training program is to teach you and your employee base sustainable business strategies and practices that can make a positive impact in either the environment or society; maybe even both.

Sustainability is important to consider several factors. Not only will your organization be actively contributing to alleviating global problems, like climate change, sustainability also highly affects business success and growth

In this day and age, many investors look at the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics as a tool to measure whether a business or organization practices proper sustainability practices. The metrics that investors may look into will include things such as community development efforts, water usage, carbon footprint, and even board diversity. Thus, sustainability will improve your business’ financial performance while also garnering positive public support; two invaluable assets in the modern business world.

Learning Return on Investment

Everything in the world of business requires you to pay something in return, whether it be time or money. This includes training and coaching yourself or your employees. Learning the ins and outs of Return on Investment or ROI is a very important aspect of managing a business.

You can measure the return on investment of plenty of things in your business, from invested assets to employee training. You must understand how the return on investment works when it comes to training and development. This way, you can effectively track the progress of the training and also the expenses it needs.

We have dedicated training programs just to learn all about return on investment, what it is, and how you can take advantage of it in your business. By properly calculating return on investments, you’ll be able to expand your business without taking heavy or any losses at all. You’ll be able to properly gauge how much training your employees need without spending too much to incur financial negatives.

Social Return on Investment

Another type of return on investment that is essential to learn is Social Return on Investment or SROI. This is an accounting method for effectively measuring values that are not typically found in financial statements. These include economic, social, and environmental factors.

By learning how to properly calculate social return on investment, you’ll be able to identify how effectively your organization uses its capital or other resources to create value in the community. SROIS is commonly used to gauge the progress of certain projects or developments while also showing what kind of impact the business is making, both social and financial

Investors typically don’t require companies to show their SROI but it is still an important factor to consider when trying to assess the state of the company. Its main use is to look at the societal impact of a company in financial terms.

A properly calculated SROI will help you improve your program management through better evaluation and planning. We will train you in all of this and more.

Change Management


On top of consulting, we also offer change management training programs and courses. Our change management training programs will ensure that your employees will properly adjust to the new operations of the business

We will focus on making sure that your employees know exactly what’s going on during a planned change in operations or locations of the business. Our programs ensure that your team leaders can properly manage their teams, and even extended teams, during the grueling process of change in the business.

Each managerial role will learn the important skills and techniques of change management to ensure that your business can transition to the new way of things smoothly and successfully.

Sales & Marketing


A business is no proper business without a strong foundation for sales & marketing. Here at 360° Consulting, we believe that a strong sales & marketing team is essential to business growth. That is why we offer sales & marketing training programs for both new and old companies.

New companies will most likely not have access to experienced sales & marketing experts, thus needing a dedicated company to train their employees. We also offer our services to more built-up companies to refresh their sales & marketing team and keep them on their toes.

Our sales & marketing training programs will ensure that any new employees will feel welcomed and not intimidated by the pressure to improve. We also focus on finding and establishing company values and future objectives that your employees can be motivated by.

The 360° Consulting coaches will ensure that your new employees that are trained in our sales & marketing programs will become highly effective sales and marketing representatives for your company.

However, don’t ignore the veteran employees in your company. Our sales & marketing training programs also accommodate veterans. We have courses specifically to refresh the skills of the company veterans while also teaching them the latest developments and trends in the industry.